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Friday, December 21, 2007


Meir Sheetrit
Hon'ble Interior Minister of Israel

Respected Sir,

I, on behalf of Bnei Menashe and in personal, would like to express few opinions. We the Bnei Menashe claim o be one of the lost tribe backs around 1978, when Rav Eliyahu Avichail found us out. I do appreciate the reason behind the decision made by you to slam automatic citizenship of Jews in Israel. This should be done to prevent anti-social element and for the security of Jewish people in the future.

However, sir, I request you to review your decision before you actually finalise it. We, especially Bnei Menashe are orthodox contrast to some whose grandfather-jews-Russian, and do not want to be an innocent victim over which the so call grandson-jew-russian have committed. I request you to review your decision to change the Law of Return. You can however do in selective way. We come to Israel under strict orthodox law.

Sir, We are not coming to Israel to make money nor do we come to fulfil a desire for higher standard of living or gain economic prosperity. We do know we are are from the third world, however that does not mean we are begger here. To be honest we have lands, farms, building, cars etc, and everything what a person need to enjoy a life, holding high status, officers, we did not have to worry for our economic status here in India, rather, we left all that in love for Israel. We come to Israel where we have to start a new life, a life of a full fledged Jews. We in general are religious minded, "Better to live like a pauper in Israel where we can observe Jewish laws than live like a King in (in strage land) where we cannot serve G-d with our hearts" We left everything we had and come to Israel empty handed anticipating a warm welcome from our Jewish brethen, however it is the opposit.

Respected sir, please do not close the door for us and for the whole Jewry. May be G-d has given you an opportunity to do the0 "greatest mitzvah of all time". I request you to investigate, we are orthodox in general and will continue living, we serve in the army, we have several Rabbis, non of the Bnei Menashe in Israel involved in life threatening activities. We are praying daily to be there in the Holyland to serve our G-d with all our hearts, yearning for Zion. We all are comming under Jewish orthodox law. We are praying everyday pouring our hearts to G-d for more than 25 year since, waiting to come to holyland and observe te laws.

If you actually come and see how we take pain not to discreet the laws of Moses, you will come to know, who we are.Sir, Time come and go, but we will continue what we did, may be G-d has given you a chance to caused the exiled to return back home. Let you be the first to acknowlge the "Return of Lost Tribe" and change the history of Israel forever - the greatest Mitsvah of all time.

Hoping you to accept my humble request. Anticipating your positive response

Yonathan Haokip (Menashe)

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