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Pray for Massiach Ben Joseph

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Request to Jewish World
Yonathan Haokip

Jewish brethen, let us request Meir Sheetrit, Interior Minister of Israel not to change law of return, for all the Jewish around the world and Bnei Menashe and Ethiopian Jews in particular. To give automatic citizenship to every Jew. That there will be a smooth ingathering of the exiled and to every Jew who wants to settled in Israel.

They love Israel with their hearts, and they have the rights to return to their ancestral homeland. They are the son of Abraham.

They are back! The Menashe son of Joseph, son of Jacob is back!, Ye children of Israel, help your brethen, who longs and cry to return to his forefather's land. Who take pain not to discreet the law of Moses. Honest, shy, religious and amazing tribe of Israel, will one day save Israel. Messiach the son of Joseph has come, give way, help them who have been lost for 3000 years. How would you let them sing the Lord's song in a strange land.

This is only the beginning, there are 9-10 more Tribes of Israel yet to be discovered and yet to come to their Home land. Do you really think about this? that G-d will distroy (G-d forbid) all the 10 Tribes? He will not, as we call the "Lost Tribe" they are only lost and will be found one day as it is promised.

Many organization and leaders who wants to participate in gathering exiled tribes, worth mentioned are Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail - Chairperson of Amishav (father of Bnei Menashe) who found the Bnei Menashe and led all Bnei Menashe now living in Israel with the help of Michael Freund - chairman of Shavei Israel and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder of IFCJ, who paid and wish to pay for the cost, and the Jewish Agency as well, and many other Rabbis, social workers and philanthropist and journalist around the world. They visit and see with their own eyes the lives of Bnei Menashe. They genuinely felt and proved that the Menashe son of Joseph is Alive! They readily agree to serve the lost tribe, why Sheetrit does not even bothered to to asky them why, how or where about of Bnei Menashe.

We request to all our Jewish brethen to request Sheetrit not to change law of return and allow the Bnei Menashe and Ethiopian Jews to return back to their ancestral homeland.

Enlightened us!

Please politely request Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit at:

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