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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~ By Yochanan Phaltual

The hideous unfolding of events for the last few weeks in New Delhi in relation to racial attacks against the people from Northeast has raised many question and eyebrows. The incident at Lajpat Nagar where an Arunachali student silly grudge of hair colour had caused his dead. Again in Munirka it was followed by a gang rape of a minor girl hailing from Churachandpur of Manipur. Subsequently, as if it were not enough a gang of bikers beat up a northeasterner in a day light marketplace.
Such unwanted series of incidents cannot be taken as co-incidence. It was racism in its truest colour.
I was once a college student in New Delhi and had seen many unpleasant ordeals of Northeasterners as objects of mockery, taunting and harassment. The Northeasterners were taken for a Nepali or a foreigner from Thailand or China. My friend once being asked by local Delhilites from where he hailed. He replied “Manipur”. But they sneered and further asked where this Manipur is located. And being annoyed my friend replied sarcastically – America! At this juncture, I think it is fair to mention the main reason why the Northeasterners often used the term “Mainland India” even though they are citizen of India.

They hated the Northeasterner people just because they are DIFFERENT. This is racism. And the most ludicrous racism is Anti-Semitism that repeated endless times in history. The Amelekh and its offspring’s the villain Haman and Hitler hated the Jewish people just because they were DIFFERENT PEOPLE.
From Holocaust denier to Obama naïve Middle East peace policy, his Secretary of State John Kerry’s threatening of Israel with boycotts if peace talks fail, many European countries far-right party political rally against the Jews, injustice jailing of Jonathan Pollard for 29 years over the charged of spying for Israel, the firebombs of Ukrainian Synagogue, 85% of UN resolutions passed in 2013 were against Israel, the Arabs and Islamic countries genetic diatribes against Israel and even the famous musical rock band “The Rolling Stones” plan to boycott their performance in Israel due to the accused state crimes against humanity were all just the historical truth of Anti-Semitic story.
Everyday purveyors of hate are having a field day with an INTERNET and FACEBOOK that provides unlimited and immediate access to spread all different forms of racism and Anti-Semitism. Imagine the numbers that would have been involved if HAMAN had had access to the Internet and Facebook.
The story of Purim (Book of Esther) recounts how the evil Haman sought to destroyed all the Jews in the Persian Empire because he hate one single Jew – Mordecai. Haman is sick with his pathological ego. This is understandable. But what is harder to understand is that how the average Persian across the empire rise up to kill the Jews even after Queen Esther reveals herself as a Jew.
Till today, though cloaked in modern esteem philosophy of democracy, human rights, liberty, crime against humanity and freedom, the problem of spreading lies and hatred about one group of people against another is probably as old as human kind.
Anti-Semitism is just an old wine in new bottle. Every problem has a solution, but whenever Anti-Semitism happens to a Jews, the solution becomes dissolution.

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