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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 By Yochanan Phaltual

You may be thinking the hidden sins committed will be unknown, but what if that has been recorded and uploaded on the internet – shame and devastated.
In todays’ world, through information technology we can see the records of Heaven on earth by the way of computer networks.  By uploading any data using internet you can send copy of the data either from your mobile phones or computers and share information, photos and news.

In June 2013, a very ugly and shameful incident occurred in Churachandpur. Two lovers were visiting Khuga Dam (Hydro-electric multi-purpose project and picnic spot) were caught red-handed by four Indian Reserved Battalion (IRB) policemen while making love. They allegedly force the couple to continue and film them with their mobile phones.

The policemen uploaded the video online on the internet and Facebook where it went viral till today. The incident sparked protests in Churachandpur District in which a mob stormed the police station and demanded the handover of the culprits. After the police blank fire, the unruly crowed were quelled in which many youth sustained injuries and one succumbed to the wound.

Several organizations condemned the immoral act of the IRB and subsequently they were arrested and suspended. But what about the video clip?

Of course, the uploaded video clip can be deleted or removed from the internet websites. However, what about people who personally downloaded the clip? You can’t stop and delete them; it will remain in someone gadget as in the gadget in heaven.

This reminded me of another type of Heavenly Techno on earth.

I am very interested in watching Hollywood movies and it is one of my best way of relaxing. Not being very technological advanced, I vaguely know about GPS (Global Positioning System) through movie films. For instance, in the movie “Bourne Identity” and “XIII: The Conspiracy”, the stars Mat Damon and Val Kilmer used GPS in their cars or mobile phones to know their direction to any destinations, addresses or to have booked reservations. Everything seems to be programed in the little device on their handsets.

GPS is a space based satellite navigation system that provides locations and time information almost anywhere where there is line of GPS satellite. In the movie “Bourne Identity” Mat Damon was embedded with a silicon chip in his head and every movement was being track through GPS. But it always doesn’t work when the network have problems and also the chip is removable.

Sounds very impressive. Anyway, these are all a model of Heavenly device on earth. Know that, we too have a real GPS working 24 hours a day with no problems of network. There is a Great Satellite (G-d) that tracks all our activities wherever we go and whatever we do by using TORAH GPS.

We can never hide any of our actions from the Great Satellite (G-d) because He embedded a chip (Holy soul) in our body. This chip cannot be removed and the GPS function through a device called TORAH.

These ten days of repentance and as the Yom Kippur come around; let us take great effort to return ourselves back on route. We may have lost track and stray off but the Great Satellite does not lost track of us and never forsake us, it is always ready to keep us back on track.

We are living in different parts of the world, but due to modern technological development, spaces and times seems to be very close and near. The good and bad (sin) news happening in Israel like in Acco city, Migdal Haemekh, Kiryat Arba, Beit El or in remotest place like Tuipiphai, Moreh, Leimatak in India can be uploaded in the internet and in social networking service like Facebook. Our sins can be online anywhere once it is uploaded not only in heaven but also on earth.

Nevertheless, do not get despair. Return to the proper path and let all the uploaded sins be deleted.  

Wishing you all a g'mar khatima tova, a meaningful Yom Kippur and a joyous Shabbat.

·         This article is written in memory of Sarah Lamkhoneng Lupheng z’’l and Yedidiah Manlun z”l who passed away recently. May this article serve as a merit for their soul.

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