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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aliyah: Earn It!

Every Bnei Menashe living in India wants to make aliyah sooner than the other. Few of them realized the idea of Aliyah, especially for Bnei Menashe that it needs to Earn it. I have been asked of how I came to Israel with a 10 years tourist visa permit! Yes you heard it clear, Ten Years! tourist Visa. I Earned it.

Those were days when I pray with tears and 15 years of rigorous practice of religious Judaism and those days when I sang for the love of The Land and pray to see during my days. How I love to see the Land and how I wonder on how to be there, yearning and thriving, seeking every means to be in Israel, those sufferings were convereted into merits accumulated. These are the values that I earned in those years for myself which brought me here.

No one have the rights to criticised another in regards to someone junior to him in Judaism made aliyah first. We don't know what their background is. They may have earned the merit in some way or other, better than you to made aliyah first. Hashem knows! Everything is for the best. The moment you look at things from a personal angle there is sorrow. View the same thing from a larger perspective and peace prevails.

To critized someone because of you not making aliyah is a grave sin.This indicates you weakness to rely on whom you pray to him every day - Master of the Universe. One needs to realzed where one stands and should make effort to Earn the ways to making aliyah. Why criticise someone when you are not worthy enough.

Hashem willing, Aliyah for Bnei Menashe may be within a year. You may see on the list some who practise Judaism a year or two and or some one who you think is not fit under religious ground. Do not be rediculous to him, he is on the list because his father or grand father might have earned it for him, but you, you have earn it yourself. Unburden yourself from this ego.

As we all know, Shavei Israel is going to conduct the selection procedure, which everyone think is the best instead of entrusting it to community leaders. Because that would cause chaos and confusion within the community. If your name does not appears on the list, do not get annoy, Shavei Israel chairman, Michael Freund will keep his words and it will be within 5 years when you will see handfull of Bnei Menashe practising Judaism left in Manipur, like the Cochin Jews.

The mode of selecting families for aliyah by Shavei Israel may rest on the idea of Seniority based. Most people think its the best. Even though some members of bnei menashe practice Judaism for 30 years still living in India, they actually may not practise for the sake of Judaism. Some pretend to be Religious under the pretext of coming to Israel, yet the other who are new to religious Judaism may be given preference for the fact that they are more attached to religious Judaism then the seniors.

"Freund's List" is yet to be released, however we, the bnei menashe needs to know that we need to Earn it.
Let's pray for speedy redemption of Israel in exile.

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