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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"My Patience is running thin" would be an expression for any Bnei Menashe for those who could not even manifest the syndrome they suffer. Its a kind of social depression, silent, masked and embedded in everyone's mind, more prevalent than we would like to acknowledge and on the rise. These syndrome is what I called "Aliyah Expectation Hangover". Any Bnei Menashe, who are converted to Judaism are directly sensitive to this labelled syndrome - is pushing them into a web of despair like any other.

An since we are accustomed to acknowledging and talking about our feelings, the condition is mistakenly branded as Hungry-for-economic-prosperity by some. I think its time for Bnei Menashe to work harder to prove ourselves worthy of Aliyah, rather than speculating the time for aliyah.  Assumption of time for aliyah brings us the feeling of hopelessness with endless cycle. The brain is stretch trying to comprehend this Aliyah expectation reality, finally the mind goes haywire. We are unable to adapt to the dictate of our own mind and descend into the feeling of hopelessness. 

Recent news on reports on Israeli Government trying to give way to 7000 strong Bnei Menashe Jews to return. Shavei Israel Orgn Chairman Michael Freund was asked to testified on behalf of Bnei Menashe which he confirmed. Its a great accomplishment from Shavei Israel. This provides us a better insight that we are heading towards our goal. This news also brought a sight of relief to our Aliyah expectation hangover. It became the talk of the town and will never fade. 

During the past years false and unofficial speculation for the time of aliyah used to arise periodically, which instill hopes in all, but when that assumption fails, it leads one to live on the edge of emotional slump Attachment of Bnei Menashe with the land of Israel in their heart is so great that many people cling to any aliyah information given, be it true or false. So the topic of aliyah is rather sensitive. This syndrome affects Bnei Menashe school going children most.

As world gets increasingly urbanized we must consider the need for urgent action on issue related to rising problem faced by Bnei Menashe youngsters in the field of education, which caused can be traced back to Aliyah Expectation. Student studying their high school or college must not be hindered by the growing concerned of aliyah. Israel is our spiritual goal, but Israel is a physical world too, where every individual strive to get the best benefit their education can provide them of, a country where science and technology are the backbones of life. 

We the youngster are by far more educated than we would like to acknowledge, the problem is that we have no guts to prove what we are. We are fast learner and creative people, why waste time to ponder over that things that hangs on expectations. I don't meant to eliminate the subject of being a Jews but I am just trying to make a strong case for the need for immediate measure to counter this growing issue related to education amongst Bnei Menashe. 

Too many of us risk our life giving up education for want of Aliyah-which requires us to mingled within communities, we must not underestimate the role that we can play as a citizen of Israel with high educational background. Aliyah will be there sooner or later, No one has the right to denied our rights to go to Israel without our consent. However, your age and time is important to all Bnei Menashe. 

We don't have to waste the time we have to learn and study.  Its our spiritual goal to live in Israel, morally its the right path, it will be better if we immigrate along with higher educational background . All youngsters of Bnei Menashe in India and Israel need to know how to balance the difference between the two. I am writing all these as (I hate to admit that) I am one of the victim among many. 

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  ~John Dewey

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