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Saturday, December 6, 2008

This is in regards “Anonymous III” of a recent blog. Which talks about Bnei Menashe as Christians in Manipur. First I appreciate that you take the pain to ponder over who the Bnei Menashe are, which caused me to clarify to those who were misled by the wrong notion you put through and to reconstruct the damage you have done.

The ideas you have put through are by sheer speculation. In fact, I am one of them having born and brought up by a Jewish parent, knows & feel what is all about to be descendant of Israel. You talk about people & place that you did not know nor even meet them either. You assume how they would be if you had been there, but all your assumptions are in contrast to what actually is. Which can be compare with me, as I never been to Israel, however when I think of war torn Palestine (west bank) people would have a bowl waiting for a penny, this from what I have heard but now see. My assumption may be less or more accurate had I been there and see it with my own eyes.

In contract, Manipur & Mizoram is not such states in India as you have imagined. You are welcome here, to see the truth. I bet you might regret for the comments you made against it. You won’t find any beggars welcoming you on the street. Especially when we talk about Bnei Menashe, we have much wealth and enjoy life to its fullest extend, we have our own farm, herds of cattles, houses, not to mention all those high profiles jobs.

Manipur comprise of different tribes with different dialects. There are Christians, Muslims and Hindus, not to forget Judaism. To be honest, there are extremist, but where in the world do you find place free of terrorist? However we are compelled to live with it and you will never see any Jews involved on those activities. In fact we enjoy the right to be a Jew and no one disturb us, there is no religious fanaticism, even with all those Pagans and Muslims around, compare with other parts of the world.

You mention about Mizoram as rat bidden state or Manipur as debt ridden, people wandering for jobs etc. I have given this answer on the 3rd Paragraph. You fail to mention many things which these states excelled others, like Mizoram, the state highest in literacy percentage it India, or Manipur – Switzerland of the east etc. The people are honest, calm & a bit shy. They are peace-loving people and you are invited!

I hope this gives you better information!

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